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Our professional French translators handle your documents, websites, and specialised files, translating from French to English and from English to French. Choose our French translation solutions for your project!

Specialised French translation services tailored to your field of expertise

For over a decade, our translation agency has been assisting businesses and individuals in their communication between English-speaking and French-speaking countries. We offer an extensive range of French translation services: legal document translations, technical translations, website localisation, multilingual SEO, video translation, and commercial text translations.

Thanks to our network of professional French translators and our expertise in English to French translation solutions, we ensure high-quality translations with quick turnaround times. All our clients value our responsiveness and the delivery of reliable translations that resonate perfectly with their target audience. Looking to communicate effectively in French? Explore our French translation services and request your free quote now. Receive our personalised proposal in under 30 minutes.

We translate a wide range of content

Contracts, company articles of association, judgements, patent applications, terms and conditions…

Annual reports, financial statements, audits, accounting documents, tax papers…

Flyers, brochures, press releases, newsletters, product datasheets, infographics…

Website translations, e-commerce sites, terms and conditions, blog articles, SEO in French…

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, driving licences, tax notices…

Medicine leaflets, medical reports, scientific brochures, pharmacological research…

A native French translator dedicated to your project

When it comes to communicating in another language, accuracy and understanding your target audience are crucial. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of professional English-French translators. Each one specialises in a specific field of activity. So, whether you need a legal, medical, marketing document, or website translated, you can be confident you’re working with an expert familiar with the technical terms of your industry.

Rigorously vetted, all our linguists translate into their native language. Beyond perfect linguistic expertise, our French translators have an excellent cultural understanding. They’ll tailor your content to resonate with the cultural references of your target audience. This ensures your translation will make a significant impact on your foreign customers, prospects, and partners. Our quality assurance methodology also guarantees reliable and precise translations. Each translation is reviewed by a second linguist and overseen by an experienced project manager. Interested in our French translation services? Get in touch now and receive our quote in just 30 minutes.

About the french language

The French language traces its origins back to the Latin spoken in Roman Gaul. Over the centuries, it has evolved, influenced by various cultures, to become the beautiful and intricate language we know today. With over 275 million speakers worldwide, French is one of the most spoken languages and is, in fact, the official language of 29 countries. Beyond mainland France, French is spoken in Africa, North America, the Caribbean, and certain regions of Asia and Oceania.

France stands as a global hub for art, culture, science, and economy. Its key industries encompass aerospace, fashion, luxury, agri-food, and tourism. For a Brit, translating documents into French offers multiple advantages. Apart from opening doors to the French-speaking market, a UK-based business can connect with potential commercial partners, clients, and collaborators. Translating into French could also enhance credibility and brand image. However, it’s essential to opt for professional French translation, facilitated by the work of a native French translator specialized in your field of activity. Reach a broad French-speaking audience through translation from English to French.

Our Language Combinations

We provide translation services for various documents, websites, and specialized technical files to and from French:

English to french translation services

Spanish to french translation services

French to chinese translations

German to french translation services

French to dutch translation services

Portugueuse to french translation services

FAQ about our french translation services

How much does a translation from English to French cost?

The cost of a translation from English to French primarily depends on the word or page count of the content you want to translate. The technical complexity of the text and the desired delivery time will also impact the project’s cost. To get the exact price for your translation, please get in touch with us and attach the document(s) for translation. We’ll promptly provide you with a personalised price quote.

Why should you use our French translation services?

Engaging our French translation solutions helps you overcome language barriers and effectively communicate in the English-speaking market. Accurate translation ensures that your ideas, products, and services are understood without misunderstandings or confusion. Our translation agency delivers high-quality translations through our network of professional translators. We also guarantee swift project handling and responsive communication to cater to all your needs.

Where is your translation agency based?

Our translation agency is headquartered in London. We also have offices in Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, and Birmingham. Interested in our French translations? We’d be delighted to assist you and provide customised solutions for all your multilingual challenges.

What types of documents can you translate?

We can translate all kinds of documents to and from French. Among the most commonly requested documents, we translate legal, financial, and marketing content for numerous businesses. We also offer certified translation services through our network of accredited linguists. Our agency also extends its services to video translation, website translation, and multilingual SEO in French.

Interested in our french translation services?

Our professional French translators render your documents with swift turnarounds.